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Bucket List: A Contract



A momentous occasion, at least in my little corner of the Universe, occurred this week. I was offered a contract for a novel that I wrote in 2004 for my very first National Novel Writing Month. I was a winner in 2004. Those 30 days taught me that I really could complete a rough draft and write those magical words: THE END. I wrote the last 31 pages in a mad dash in a single day and when I finished, there were tears streaming down my cheeks. A decade later and I am very nearly that happy again.

Over the years, I shared that draft copy with folks to encourage them to participate in National Novel Writing Month, and I have sent it through my critique group more times than I (or they!) care to admit. I’ve polished and improved and, now, finally, it is going to pay off.

I queried. They asked to see the full manuscript. I sent it off and held my breath. Then, on Wednesday of this week, I received an email saying they’d be sending a contract. I held my breath again. Could it really be happening? I dared not even hope that this book could actually be published. Then I received the most wonderful, exciting thing by email yesterday – a contract. A real, live (sort of) publishing contract. It even says there in the first paragraph, “Lori L. Robinett, hereinafter called the “Author.”

Though I have been writing seriously since 2003, it feels as if things are suddenly happening very quickly. A few of my works were selected for publication in Well Versed 2014 (for which I am honored), which launches in two weeks. I’ve made it through the initial synopsis round for a new series called Lobster Cove by The Wild Rose Press, and my final manuscript is due within the next two weeks. And now, Denim and Diamonds will be released, well, sometime. Date to be announced!


I can’t even begin to express how excited and blessed I feel right now.


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9 thoughts on “Bucket List: A Contract

  1. Wow, congrats!

  2. Thanks! I’m pretty excited!

  3. Congratulations! All your hard work and perseverance have paid off. You and your NaNo novel are in good company with Hugh Howey’s “Wool” and Sara Gruen’s “Water for Elephants.”

  4. Marjorie Lewis on said:

    Congratulations! Amazing how time flies. It does not seem like that long ago (to me anyway) that you were writing this work.

  5. Congratulations, Lori! Great title, too! Good for you for sticking with the manuscript all this time.

    I share your journey in some ways, started the first novel I would finish (which is how I define my getting serious about writing) in 2001, made my first sale in 2013 (to TWRP). It sounds like you’re getting a lock on your process and the skills are coming together into a beautiful blend.

    Love that we’re sharing the Lobster Cove experience. I think it is going to be very special and also possibly a real turning point in a lot of authors’ careers. My feeling is that a collaboration of that scale could only succeed at a publisher that is so good at providing a nurturing environment for authors. I think readers will love it. I know that I want to read all the books set in The Cove.

    Enjoy that high. There’s nothing like it! And may Denim and Diamonds find its audience and introduce to hundreds of thousands or millions of readers.

  6. So happy for you! Congratulations. Perseverance pays off!!

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