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5 Things I Learned at Planet Comicon

There are nerds everywhere. There are other people just as nerdy as me. Nerdists, unite! It was so much fun to see other people just like me, who work normal jobs, have a family, and who truly enjoy immersing themselves in the imaginary world of sci fi and comics and fantasy. Even in the hotel bar Friday night, where the Big 12 Tournament fans were gathered, we found other sci fi fans who we talked to about the merits of this franchise or that franchise, the deep meanings imbedded in Star Trek, and a bunch of other stuff. Mary and Bob, it was nice to meet you!

Cosplay at Comicon

Cosplay at Comicon

I’m not too old to do fun things. People at Comicon don’t care how old you are. There’s no such thing as being too old to do something. If you want to dress up as a character from Star Wars and build and race R2D2 units, go for it!

Age is irrelevant. There were folks there younger than me, and folks there older than me. I was able to chat with an elderly woman who could scarcely contain herself as she waited in line to meet Lee Majors just as well as the teenage kid who built his own Starship Enterprise out of plywood and PVC pipe.

There’s a club for that. I was amazed at the club presence at Planet Comicon. There’s a group of folks that build R2D2 units (I’m soooo going to build a pink one . . . ), steampunk groups, Star Wars “dark” clubs and Star Wars “light” clubs. No matter what you are into, there are others out there just as into it as you are. Find something you like, get involved and meet other people who share your interests.

Art doesn’t have to be hoighty-toighty. Art is so much more than incredible works from the likes of Picasso and Monet and Manet. The comic book artists at Planet Comicon were sketching and drawing and coloring things that I would be proud to hang on my wall. There were metal sculptures, tiny fairy figures, costumes, bags, wall hangings. My very favorite booth, though, was a guy from Colorado who paints these amazing Star Trek and moonscape oils. We ended up buying a couple of prints from him, and our favorite is now hanging in our dining room.




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