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When Things Don’t Work Out as You Plan

Lori at Lake Minnetonka

Lori at Lake Minnetonka

I’ve really been fighting the blues lately. Part of it is that I’m tired, but a large part of it is that I had imagined NOW to be different. NOW was supposed to be sadness mingled with hope and excitement, because my daughter should be starting her freshman year at college. I even have a Pinterest board about all the things I wanted to do for her. I thought I would be excited for her embarking on a new adventure, missing her at home, making care packages for her, proudly wearing CSC apparel to show my support for her (by the way – if you’re looking for a college – Culver Stockton impressed me on so many levels). Instead, she’s living in a small apartment and working at a convenience store. It’s disappointing. I wanted her to have the best life possible, to enjoy college as much as I did.

But here’s the thing, life doesn’t always work out as you plan it.

And that is OK. NOW may be full of sadness for what she is missing out on and for all the things I didn’t get to experience as a college mom, but NOW is also full of excitement for myself and my husband as we embrace the empty nest and get to know each other as a couple for the first time (my stepdaughter was 6 when we got married).

How did you imagine NOW to be? Is it what you expected? If not, how are you adjusting?


Vacation 2013: Leaving Missouri

I had so much fun sharing my Star Trek album with you that I thought I’d share my vacation album as it evolves. This was an odd vacation year for us. We had thought it would be our last family vacation with the youngest kiddo, but she moved out a bit earlier than we had anticipated. So we thought it would just be the two of us, our first vacation as empty nesters. Then we were talking to the eldest kiddo and as it turned out, the week we were going was the week between summer classes and fall classes (she’s starting her last year in dental hygienist school), so we asked her to go and, to our delight, she said she would love to. So, we decided to head north for our favorite vacation destination – Michigan. Aunt C asked if she could go along, too, and plans were finalized. As you know, I am finding my way along this new path . . . and learning to let go and go with the flow is huge for me. I want to plan every detail. This trip wasn’t planned like that – it was all about relaxation, and just enjoying life.

Leaving Missouri

Leaving Missouri

Jo & Aunt C met at our house at an ungodly hour, and we set off (after getting coffee – me without coffee in the morning is not a pretty sight). This photo was our first woo-hoo moment, as we crossed the Mississippi River and left Missouri in the rear view mirror. I don’t usually do one photo layouts, but I thought this one turned out OK. And it works well as the first page in my album.

This page was a fun challenge for me. I ran across a brand new challenge blog called 1 2 3 Get Scrappy. It’s a neat idea – they post a tic-tac-toe board and you pick three things in a row to include in your layout. This month’s challenge offered something that caught my eye: red, free, and Thickers. I have some Subway Thickers and I wanted to use the wavy lines to represent the Mississippi River. After that, it was easy to put this layout together, using some papers from my stash (from a paper stack by Brenda Walton that I’ve had for at least a couple of years). In particular, I like the way the photo matting turned out. It was fun to do a challenge – I think I’ll have to try more in the future!

Star Trek Album: Meeting Morgan Gendel

Morgan Gendel - signing autographs (behind Arlene Martel)

Morgan Gendel – signing autographs (behind Arlene Martel)

I hate it when I spot an error on a page after I’ve already scrapped it – in this one, I misspelled Morgan’s name! Sheesh! Meeting him was pretty exciting. I got so starstruck, I forgot to ask him if I could take a picture of him when he signed the script for me. I told him I was an aspiring writer. He told me I would probably enjoy this Writer’s Draft, which he found sitting in a desk a few years ago. This is his first draft, and what he presented to Rick Berman for Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s interesting to look at this copy while watching the actual episode, because you can see the differences. For instance, in Morgan’s version, the crew moves the Captain to sick bay when he is struck down with the mysterious illness. In the final version, they left the Captain on the bridge of the Enterprise, because that meant one less set they had to deal with.

Morgan Gendel

Morgan Gendel

The talk he gave was interesting, talking about how he pitched this as a freelance writer and how the story morphed from his initial idea to the episode that appeared on the small screen.

For those who enjoy scrapbooking, I’ll point out a little something I did that I really liked on this page. I used a paint dauber to put Espresso Ink on the bottom of the page using a gear mask, then after it dried, I took a pen and outlined some of the gears, to give it a bit more dimension. I also created a hidden pocket on the back of the page, using scraps of paper. That’s where I tucked my journaling, with a little file folder label to mark it and offer a tab to pull the journaling card from the layout.

This is the last page of my 8×8 Star Trek album. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at it – I know I certainly enjoyed making it and sharing it with you.

Star Trek Album: Meeting Jeffrey Combs


The main reason I wanted to go to the Star Trek convention in Chicago was to meet Jeffrey Combs. I used to watch Enterprise every Wednesday night, and loved the nights when Andorians were featured. Combs is well known for playing Captain Shran in Enterprise, and Weyoun in Deep Space Nine. Horror fans will recognize him as The Reanimator. He’s done lots of other stuff, too.


Getting my photo taken with Combs was huge. In spite of the cattle chute situation, with so many fans standing in line to get their photos taken, Creation does a great job. It went smoothly, quickly, and Combs was a pro. He greeted us warmly and smiled, then thanked us. This framed photo now has a place of honor in our living room. <GRIN>

If you’ve never been to a Star Trek convention before, I recommend purchasing your photo ops and autographs before the con. Also, do a little research and make sure the actor is a pro – I’ve seen some horrible photo op pics where it looks like the actor could hardly be bothered. But if you have a chance to meet Jeffrey Combs, go for it. He was so nice, and seemed genuinely appreciative of the fans. Oh – and if you have a chance to see the Star Trek Rat Pack, go for it. Jeffrey is one of the Pack, and they put on a fun show!

Create giveaway: BoBunny Misc Me!!


Love this new collection from BoBunny – I can think of so many ways to use it. What’s your favorite scrapbooking collection right now?

Star Trek: Meeting Arleen Martel

Arlene Martel

Arlene Martel

Arlene Martel was the first celebrity I saw at the Star Trek convention in Chicago in May 2013. I passed her in the hotel lobby with a fairly large man accompanying her. She was so elegant, with her striking good looks, dark hair and large sunglasses. At first, I thought she was Joan Collins. She nodded to me and said, “Good morning.” I was agog – a celeb spoke to me! But who was she? Would Joan Collins actually make an appearance? I knew she had been a guest star, but nothing had been said in the emails from Creation about her. When I got in the vendors area, I spotted her and immediately noted the pictures on her table – she was Spock’s wife! It was Arlene Martel! If you don’t know anything about Arlene, please check out her website here. I made my way through the line and finally got up to her. I was trying to decide which photo to buy, and one photo was of her as Spock’s wife in Amok Time. She leaned over and said, “What the hell am I holding there?”

I laughed, looked closer and said, “I think it’s a ring.”

“Oh, yes!” she said as she settled back in her chair. “They had the most fabulous jewelry on that show!”

I leaned forward and whispered, “They didn’t let you keep it, did they?”

“Oh, no, we had no idea what we were making when we were making Star Trek. Like those ears in that photo,” she pointed to the picture of her with Spock, “Those ears hurt so bad and when shooting was over, I ripped them off and tossed them on the makeup table. Couldn’t wait to get rid of them. And someone told me they sold at auction for $35,000. And I threw them away!”

Arlene Martel: In Star Trek and The Twilight Zone

Arlene Martel: In Star Trek and The Twilight Zone

When I finally settled on the photo of her with Spock, we talked about the episode and had a hilarious conversation about Vulcans going seven years without sex. Arlene laughed and said, “Seven years – can you imagine? I couldn’t go seven days!”

Arlene was an absolute delight to meet. She actually spoke with me – not just at me. Asked my opinion about television and movies. I was so impressed with her. She and her husband have written a book about mental illness. She was such a delight, I can’t imagine her having any struggles. But after meeting her, I want to read more about her.

Star Trek: Meeting Sean Kenney


Meeting Sean Kenney was exciting as all get out. He is the original Captain of the Starship Enterprise, after all! Captain Pike, all disfigured and scary, is an icon in the world of sci fi. But Sean was handsome and debonair, tall with beautiful hair. He was very nice, chatted easily, and had the most amazing eyes. I felt a little odd being so star struck, but he was really one of the most handsome men I’ve ever met. He definitely had that movie star quality about him. When I picked the photo I wanted him to sign, he pointed out that it was from Star Trek: The Original Series, the episode was The Arena. Just last weekend, my husband and I watched that episode on DVD. Every time Sean showed up on screen, I punched him and squealed, “I met him!” I don’t think my hubs was nearly impressed by that as I am. :o)

Oh, as you’ve probably figured out, this is another layout from my Star Trek album. Here’s another page. Note the bit I copied from Sean’s bookmark. He was also the Winston man. I always thought those guys were so sexy – of course, we’ve all heard of the Marlboro Man. But the Winston man had that rugged cowboy look, too.



STAR TREK: Meeting Don Marshall

Don Marshall - autographing my photo

Don Marshall – autographing my photo

Don Marshall is probably best known for his role as Dan Erickson in the series, Land of the Giants, but I also liked him in Star Trek, where he played Lt. Boma in The Galileo Seven. He was at the Chicago Star Trek Convention, and I asked him to sign a photo, which he gladly did. As he started to sign, I asked if I could take his photo. He grinned and said, “Of course!” – it made my day that he seemed so willing to sign autographs. He seemed to truly appreciate the fans. After he signed, he asked if I wanted a page protector. Since I had already spent way more at the conference than I had intended, I was embarrassed, but asked how much. He grinned again, inclined his head towards me and said, in his amazing voice, “For you, m’lady, no charge.” Or something like that. I was so blown away by his chivalrous attitude, I couldn’t quit grinning.

I would love to get DeForest Kelley to sign this photo, too. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Don Marshall's autograph

Don Marshall’s autograph

I am having so much fun putting this Star Trek album together. Doing it as an 8×8 has been a challenge. I usually work nearly exclusively with 12 x 12. But this new format has encouraged me to put the focus on the pictures (usually one per page), and to hide the journaling. On this particular 2 page spread, I also used a page extension and hidden journaling. It works out well – I can share the album with people without boring them to tears with my notes, yet I still have the notes to jog my memory (yeah, like I’ll ever forget this trip!!) as I sit and reminisce.

As I’ve mentioned before, going to this Convention was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. It was so cool to meet the actors in person. And making this album is allowing me to relive the memories. Makes me smile every time I look at it!

If you don’t scrapbook, I still encourage you to print your photos out. Put them in albums. Write notes about who is in the photos and what was going on, where the photo was taken and when. Imagine if Revolution were to really happen and your only photos were stored in your phone, but there was no power. What if you never download your photos and after you die, your kids throw your iPad away because it is antiquated technology. What then? What happens to our memories?


Scrapbooking Li…

As I worked on my Star Trek album over the past week, I realized how long I spent on each page. This album is special, and I love the memories that come to mind as I work on it. Each page has been a process, with spray ink and distress ink and embellishments so that there is a continuity to the album. And that’s all fine and good, but it makes me wonder about the rest of my life. I want to scrapbook LIFE. Given my schedule, that means that not all of my pages are going to be works of art.

And that’s OK.

I’ve decided to start sharing more of my pages, even the ones that I didn’t spend a lot of time and money on, because the CONTENT of my albums is more important than the ARTSYNESS of my albums. I scrapbook because I want to document my life, share stories of my family, and leave a legacy for those who come after me. As an example, here is my first attempt at a cover for my DIY day planner. I’ve used Franklin Covey for years, then tried DayTimer (didn’t like them), D*I*Y planners, Outlook, but nothing fit the bill. So, I decided to create my own. I’m going to try doing small monthly spiral bound planners (bound with my Zutter Bind It All)which is the coolest tool ever – it hole punches, then you insert wire binding into the holes, then use the Bind It All to close the spiral binding). I’ve got a little more work on the guts of this before I share it, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at the cover.

Day Planner Cover

So – that’s why I scrap – to document my life. The good, the bad, the daily. If you scrapbook, why do you? If you don’t, why not? (and if you are a newbie to scrapping, feel free to ask questions – this is a safe place!)

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